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Welcome to YogaBubble.. Home of my wellness offering for young and old, experienced practitioners or newcomers, and for those who seek shared class experiences, individual tuition or therapy. I feel truly blessed to run established, weekly classes in the West Midlands area so if you are looking to boost your wellbeing - this is a great place to start!

Sending a heartfelt ‘THANK YOU’ shout out to my existing students who have offered their own personal feedback quotes throughout this site to share invaluable and insightful wisdom – Enjoy!


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Our Wellness Family

  • Yoga has so much to offer as the antidote to our busy, noisy, stressful, demanding lifestyles, and as we get older many of us come to appreciate that good health has a direct correlation to the quality of our lives. On the basis that ‘prevention is better that cure’, it is important we invest time in our mental, physical and emotional health to safeguard our wellbeing and help us cope with all that life throws our way. We approach our mats with an open and accepting mindset every time we practice to encourage a sense of being alert, attentive and fully present in the moment; in the words of TKV Desikachar “The success of Yoga does not lie in the ability to perform postures but in how it positively changes the way we live our lives and our relationships".

  • YogaBuddy offers a fun, wellness program that gives our children the opportunity to benefit from all aspects of Yoga taught in an age-appropriate manner. Our sessions will draw upon inspiration and creativity from animals, nature, favourite characters, storytelling, songs and props to learn limbering exercises, sequences and postures. We shall also use Yoga techniques to promote concentration, positive behaviour, breath awareness and relaxation.

  • Offers a high energy Yoga workout for flexibility, strength and tone. Many students find this compliments their traditional Yoga practice and has proven popular to boost our overall fitness, stamina and support weight loss programmes.

Yoga for All

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