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All classes are mixed ability, mixed gender so don’t worry if you are new to Hatha Yoga – I take great pride in creating a welcoming environment to ensure you feel at ease in your practice whatever your individual needs are. This allows you to practice at a pace that suits you with variations or alternatives given for any short or long-term conditions you may be dealing with. Modifications are part of approaching Yoga sensibly and effectively and in my experience everyone is dealing with something!

A typical class involves an Initial relaxation (lying down or seated), limbering moves (floor and standing), Yoga postures (Asanas - sometimes to include sequences), Breathing practice (Pranayama), Final relaxation (lying down) including a Philosophical focus, guided Meditations or chosen course theme.

As you navigate around this site you will see there is also provision for Private Tuition and therapy sessions through Reiki, to complement your weekly Yoga sessions.


“I started my Yoga practice in January 2019. I am very unfit and have multiple hang ups regarding my body and mind plus health issues. I often say I’m allergic to exercise but now I love my Yoga practice it empties my mind of all worries for 90 minutes and I love how I feel at the end of class. Anne you are a star!”


“Anne has made exercise class enjoyable, makes me want to come every week and try harder than I thought I could do. She alters things to suit you without making you feel singled out and I never feel embarrassed even if I can’t do them, just encouraged to do my best. I hated exercise of all kinds before, but now do it twice a week because of Anne.”


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