Yoga Buddy

YogaBuddy offers a fun, wellness program that gives our children the opportunity to benefit from all aspects of Yoga taught in an age-appropriate manner. Our sessions will draw upon inspiration and creativity from animals, nature, favourite characters, storytelling, songs and props to learn limbering exercises, sequences and
postures. We shall also use Yoga techniques to promote concentration, positive behaviour, breath awareness and relaxation.
As my own children have experienced there can be many benefits to regularly practising Yoga – improved flexibility for young growing bodies, strength, co-ordination, body awareness, posture, confidence, mental focus and sleep. It is also a wonderful compliment to every other sport: tennis, football, swimming, dance, cycling etc. All achieved in a fun environment of support, compassion, understanding and respect.


“Yoga has helped me know about stretching; I’ve loved learning all the different Yoga moves. It’s so fun; it’s the best club I’ve done at school. If I can’t settle down to sleep I do some Yoga and it really helps.” (William)

“Yoga has helped William to focus and relax - he finds the
club so much fun and comes out buzzing. The effects last far longer as he now uses Yoga to help himself unwind before bed. He also enjoys finding different places to do Yoga moves, for example on tree stumps, in the garden, underwater in the swimming pool!” (Parent)


“Yoga makes me feel happy because it’s with Anne who makes it fun and she’s funny! It’s also relaxing.” (Evan)

“Evan’s favourite school club is Yoga.. it’s the only club he gets excited about. He looks forward to it and always comes home happy. He loves to demonstrate what he has learnt in Yoga. It has taught him how to relax when he needs to wind down his active weekend hobby and has helped to build his confidence in front of a group.” (Parent)



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